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Gabriel Swann

  • after a break-up people always claim that things will get better, and in fact they do... but not because we in fact ARE better but that the pain, has beaten every last ounce of feeling from us. after we are wasted away, because food and drink seems to be like sand being choked down, and sleep is no comfort because you know you'll dream of them, and have to wake with knowing they'll not be there. after all this is accepted, we are what people claim is 'better'... Gabriel Swann {view}
  • I'd rather live a thousand years of hurting with you close at hand, than live for ten days knowing you're gone... Gabriel Swann {view}
  • There were never words created that can accurately describe how much I love you, how i feel about you... I can only describe a limitless expanse... an entire universe with which to love you.... Gabriel Swann {view}
  • There is a thing, like a bird, weak and fluttering within my chest, i cradle it and care for it as anyone should an injured thing, yet, i silently pray for it's death.... Gabriel Swann {view}
  • there is i vast difference between the pain of getting shot, and of losing the one you love. I am most sure that getting shot, feels much better than the latter.... Gabriel Swann {view}