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Jack Straw

  • The U.K. government will take action against those who use the U.K. as a base from which to foment violent disorder or terrorism in other countries.... Jack Straw {view}
  • It has been distressing for the Wises and their family,... Jack Straw {view}
  • The tragedy unfolding in Zimbabwe is driven by one man's ruthless campaign to hang on to power whatever the cost to others in the process,... Jack Straw {view}
  • powerful and very effective.... Jack Straw {view}
  • yet another example of terrorists' cynical and callous disregard for human life. On behalf of the British government, I would like to offer the people of India my support and deepest sympathy.... Jack Straw {view}
  • putting the government of Syria on notice that our patience has limits.... Jack Straw {view}
  • pledged every assistance from the Iraqi government.... Jack Straw {view}
  • He has pledged every assistance from the Iraqi government,... Jack Straw {view}
  • The fact that the Government is supporting pilgrims on the Hajj highlights the extent to which we in Britain live in a truly multi-cultural multi-religious society. No other Western country provides this kind of delegation.... Jack Straw {view}