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Senator John Kerry

  • There is a direct link between the federal tax cut of 2001 and state tax increases in 2003. When the federal government's mistakes force states to raise their taxes, it not only robs Peter to pay Paul, but it hurts hard-working families and it undermines our economy's strength.... Senator John Kerry {view}
  • It is impossible to put into words the quiet strength and incredible courage Dana Reeve demonstrated in the way she lived her life. With Chris, she gave voice to a movement to find life-saving cures and promote medical research, and when she lost her inspiration and love she didnt stop the fight. Only days after Chris death she continued to give hope to millions of Americans. She was an inspiration to me and to us all. Chris was Americas superhero, and Dana became our hero, too.... Senator John Kerry {view}
  • Ronald Reagan's love of country was infectious. Even when he was breaking Democrats' hearts, he did so with a smile and in the spirit of honest and open debate.... Senator John Kerry {view}
  • Its hard to believe that in the greatest democracy in the world, we need legislation to prevent the government from writing and paying for the news.... Senator John Kerry {view}