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Alan Trammell

  • The athletic players (on the Devil Rays) fit me, and I would love to be able to work with a team like this.... Alan Trammell {view}
  • I think Joe will develop into a little more power [than he has now]. He's got that opposite field stroke, which is nice to have to start with. He's just too big not to hit some home runs at some point. He's a big man.... Alan Trammell {view}
  • The guy has power, there's no question about it, ... The peaks and valleys, that's going to be the decision on Carlos Pena. Are we getting to a point where we're getting more consistent? I would say that I'm seeing some signs, sure. That's why I want to see this all the way to the end. I wouldn't want to see a total dropoff myself.... Alan Trammell {view}
  • The guy has definitely done everything in his power. I just wish we could've gotten him that win. Nevertheless, he's done a very nice job for us. That's the point I hope gets across. This guy, like others, probably deserves better.... Alan Trammell {view}