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Anuroop Tyagi

  • 'Every' failure is just another, "I'm all yours", call from success.... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • No man in the past, present or future can manage time!! Every man in the past, present and future could/can manage work. Time marches on...... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • When I was not organised,what was I? If I'm not organised,what am I? If I can't be organised, what am I going to be? hummm...... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • Bring 'only' good memories from the past to your present and that will bring you all the happiness,now and in future.... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • Life is beautiful...it's either your perspective or your shades.... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • Of what good, is a truth that may harm someone and does no good to anyone?Of what bad, is a lie that surely does some good to someone and does no harm to anyone?... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • Getup, walk, run, fall...getup...walk...run...fall...getup...probably the smallest formula of success. Anuroop Tyagi... Anuroop Tyagi {view}
  • 'Real' love is like a bird, which just soars higher and higher, whether or not it finds it's Pinnacle, even if it gets burnt a zillion times...it never ever 'even' thinks of going back to where it took off from...yeah...that's real love!!... Anuroop Tyagi {view}