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Bill Belichick

  • There's a lot of love between us -- me, Charlie, Romeo. We've been together with the Giants, the Patriots, the Jets and the Patriots again. For it to be able to end this way ... the only word I can think of is 'special.'... Bill Belichick {view}
  • terrible ... We loved when he was in the game.... Bill Belichick {view}
  • It was one of those old-fashioned games today. The one the kids love to play out there in the mud.... Bill Belichick {view}
  • The thing I would encourage you to do is to go where your love is. Go where you heart tells you to go. I think that it's difficult to work in a job that you really don't like, that you really don't enjoy. If you're doing something that you love and is a lot of fun, it's a lot easier to come to work every day.... Bill Belichick {view}
  • I support whatever Tedy does 100 percent. He's part of the family. We all love him. The comments that he made are consistent with what we talked about in the past, so we're going to proceed on that course.... Bill Belichick {view}
  • We have 45 men suited up. They're all supposed to be ready to play.... Bill Belichick {view}
  • The overall competitive nature he brings as an owner and as a franchise (still exists),... Bill Belichick {view}
  • [The Patriots' defense has only 10 men on the field. So every defensive player, even those not involved in the play, must run a lap around the field.] I'm not sure exactly who was wrong, and I don't care, ... The next time we substitute, there will be more of an awareness.... Bill Belichick {view}