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Britney Spears

  • I love performing and having people hear my music more that anything.... Britney Spears {view}
  • Marry Prince William? I'd love that. Who wouldn't want to be a princess?... Britney Spears {view}
  • I went to a psychoanalyst. He explained things about my love life that I found very impressive... almost scary. He said I had a problem with closeness and intimacy... that I was afraid of letting myself fall for someone and of being hurt.... Britney Spears {view}
  • When you're comfortable with someone you love, the silence is the best. And, that's how me and J. are. When we're in a room together, we don't have to say anything. It's for real.... Britney Spears {view}
  • I need to sing and I love to travel.... Britney Spears {view}