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Charlie Weis

  • There were some people who really wanted to be stroked, ... They wanted a lot more love than I had the time to give them.... Charlie Weis {view}
  • Despite the fact we'd love for Anthony to return, we also recognize that he has a great opportunity ahead of him.... Charlie Weis {view}
  • They're giving him a bunch of money and he's fighting four rounds. It's tough for me to look at a summer job any better than that one. I think he'll do a little better than the rest of our guys this summer.... Charlie Weis {view}
  • When a team nickel and dimes you, you can live with that. When you give up that many big plays, it's disappointing.... Charlie Weis {view}
  • If they're nickel-and-diming you, and getting 5 and 10 (yards), you can live with it and say they're physically kicking your butt, when you give up that many big plays, that was disappointing.... Charlie Weis {view}