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Dan Donegan

  • He's got a lot of family in Israel . . . and there's all these car bombings and suicide bombings. He's stressed out and worried all the time.... Dan Donegan {view}
  • David , he's got a lot of opinions. He's an intelligent, well-spoken guy, well educated. He's got a lot of strong opinions. It's not necessarily him forcing his opinion; it's him expressing his feelings on certain issues. I don't think he's ever going to write a song that's about teenyboppers falling in love. I know he always likes to refer to those love stories as 'riding off on their skateboards into the sunset together.' I don't think he's ever going to be writing those kinds of lyrics. He's a very intelligent guy with a lot of issues world issues, political issues, religious issues, relationship issues. These are adult topics. The kids can relate to it too, but we're all adults. He's got topics that strike a chord with him, ones that he wants to get a release on and speak about.... Dan Donegan {view}