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David Miller

  • You're judged by the WESTEST now. You live and die by it. Really that's what it is. If you can't find a way to fit it into that, then you don't have time for it.... David Miller {view}
  • I live in a house that overlooks the beach. I used to be able to see the beach from the second floor, but now it's blocked.... David Miller {view}
  • We have a very diverse group, 11 men and eight women ranging in age from 15 to 70-plus. We've had six training meetings and we've developed as a team. There's been a real spirit of co-operation and we will be able to use all of our talents. One of our women even speaks Spanish.... David Miller {view}
  • I won't deny that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his new Conservative government present the City of Toronto with some relationship building challenges. But there are hopeful signs in the person of Lawrence Cannon - the empowered minister of infrastructure, transportation and communities.... David Miller {view}
  • The city of Toronto government is Canada's sixth largest government [and it] needs the ability to govern itself properly and independently from the province in order to meet the expectations of its residents, ... That's what this report is about, and I see that change as extremely significant and far reaching.... David Miller {view}
  • The power that this scene has is that all these talented musicians are coming here for a reason. Each venue has its own appeal and niche audience, and that's healthy, as long as we don't step on each other's toes.... David Miller {view}
  • If an employee has a substance abuse problem, or their husband is abusing them at home, or they're going through some trauma, most are not likely to go to the HR department and say, 'Would you just listen to me for a while?' That's where a chaplain fulfills a need.... David Miller {view}