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Debra Roberts

  • We must get out of the boat, but don't get out before He tells you to walk or you might sink.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • You can't give to others what you don't have for yourself.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • We came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing. The only thing left behind is the best part of us that we give away.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • If you Live in the Past it will Ruin Your Future.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • Constant Criticism Kills Love...Kindness Helps it Blossom and Grow.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • Forgiveness is the Best Gift You can Give Yourself, it Allows You to Live Fully in the Present Moment.... Debra Roberts {view}
  • He Choreographed the Dance; Let Him Lead... Debra Roberts {view}
  • Enjoy the Moment, its only here for a short amount of time!... Debra Roberts {view}
  • I dreamed of meeting prince charming but the Prince of Peace swept me off my feet.... Debra Roberts {view}