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Dusty Baker

  • With only five extra men, you try to save them in case you get back in the game.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • He's one of the premier leadoff men in the game. Anybody that follows baseball knows it's tougher to find a good leadoff man than a good power hitter. We're very, very excited to have Juan Pierre.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • I always enjoyed seeing [broadcasters] Jack Buck and talking to Mike Shannon. I nicknamed him Jack 'Big Money' Buck. I thought he'd go to the bank before he got here to show me he had a whole wad of hundreds. I always asked to see his bankroll. I miss Jack a lot. I like talking baseball with those guys.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • The money doesn't make you play. You play for the love of the game. A lot of times you see money change people. But I don't see anything changing him, and if it did, his dad would take care of it. They're good and humble people. He's still their son.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • We're running out of men,... Dusty Baker {view}
  • Besides, ... I knew his family had come down to see him, and I wanted to get him in the game.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • He's got the legs (to be a power hitter). We know he can hit the ball to right field, he's got a good eye for the strike zone and he can run and he's making fine progress for a young man who came out of Double-A.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • I think he can become a very good player. He can hit, he can run, I think his power is coming, especially when you're strong in the lower half -- that's where the power comes from. You have to learn how to do it, how to use it without abusing it and losing what got you here which is base hits.... Dusty Baker {view}
  • They have so many powerful left-handed hitters. Overall, it was a good job (by the staff).... Dusty Baker {view}
  • Oh, I know what it's going to be like. I believe in it stronger now than ever. I dreamed about it before I got here. I still dream about it. It's going to be wonderful.... Dusty Baker {view}