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Female Imagination

  • May Your Tears Come From Laughing,You Find Friends Worth Having.With Every Year Passing,They Mean More Than Gold!May You Win But Stay Humble,Smile More Than Grumble,And Know When You Stumble,You're Never Alone!... Female Imagination {view}
  • True Love is ... dusting and polishing even though your allergic to chemicals and your finger's will itch and swell... Female Imagination {view}
  • Why is life a battlefield.? Is it really necessary to Bleed Sweat or Die to be heard.?Some say its for you to grow, but how much growing can a person take. If thats the case, why does everything in life have to be about growth? can't for once can't life be smooth sailing? If blood, sweat and tears are the essence of life, then whats the point?... Female Imagination {view}
  • wow the energies are vibrating through me its exciting, beautiful, loving and brilliantly (`*. Namast .*)... Female Imagination {view}
  • my life is a performance for which i was never given any chance torehearse. If i had then I may not have screwed everything up. Nor hurt that special someone I had been searching for sent to me from the kingdom of guardian angels..... Female Imagination {view}
  • If I could fly in the wing of a dove, I would fly to the sea and watch the sun come up... May today be full of Love and happy things... Show people you care... Female Imagination {view}
  • I know a woman.*., who is a lot more than she thinks.*_ She is an excellent friend..*. She is sweet, charming, fantastic and everything about her is positive.*___ She has a great value and I know She can reach all her dreams.___.That woman is you!.... Female Imagination {view}
  • When peace like a river come's my way - When sorrow like the sea, tears from my eyes will fall - Whatever will happen or come my way - Just like Mother Natures weather - What will happen will happen - Nothing will stop it or stand in it's way... Female Imagination {view}
  • It's not a myth... when it rains, it pours, and it pours really hard... Female Imagination {view}
  • I am tired yet cannot sleepI am hungry but cant eatI am dreaming whilst still awakeI am nothing without you... Female Imagination {view}
  • There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So, love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of LIFE ...... Getting back up is LIVING... Female Imagination {view}
  • Today my mouth is bigger than my heart.Sorry seems to be the hardest word.But, I'm sorry. I Love You xxx... Female Imagination {view}
  • I had an X-ray today and they found you in my heart. The doctor said if I took you out I would die because I could notlive without you.... Female Imagination {view}
  • I know someone who lives in Heaven and I miss them more and more every day, especially as Christmas is on it's way.... Female Imagination {view}
  • Without Trust, Communication and Honesty in any relationship - There is nothing to build upon...... Female Imagination {view}
  • Water rushing through my VEINS, cleanings me of deamons DEEP inside my brain. Black rose petals now lay on open grave. Demons have WON I'm now there slave. Icy cold TEARS freeze to my HEART. Snow now replaces the once warm summer SUN. Slowly in time the black roses vanish as YESTERDAYS LOVE returns.... Female Imagination {view}
  • To 'LOVE' and to feel 'LOVE' costs nothing. yet make's you feel the riches human alive.... Female Imagination {view}