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Francesco N. Cece

  • Forgiveness is Love, actions to forgive takes courage and a step higher to reach what the Lord wants us to practice to each other!... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • Lust is a scud missle to the heart, as it craves for Love.... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • They say time heals a broken heart. What heals the trust to venture love again?... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • When a puppeteer controls a souless stick person, would you consider your government as your master?... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • When somebody loves someone, no matter how ugly or how nasty or how sweet or how lovely things are, one should never leave nor make fun of his love , laugh- but only laugh with each other not against one another.... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • Love is being in a romantic unity with an Italian lover.... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • Failure to assure love shows the mindset of a cheater... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • The people and animals we grow to love in our life time, remain in our personal time-capsule stored deep in our heart forever, even when they are gone!... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • I find that love is sometimes like stock.You contribute and contribute and build some confidence in hope that you will get a greater result in return or at least equal to. But when the stock crashes you find that you lose more than what you contribute. You lose your dignity, hope , dreams and a feeling of being defeated. Your confidence for another stock is bruised but in mind needed, in hope to regain what was already lost! Then the cycle continues, and you are back to where you started.... Francesco N. Cece {view}
  • The love from a mother will never be lost in her childs heart. It may only be a victim and fogged by temptations and influential with misleading ethics, it may cause separation and be free-will'd from her, but never will her love be replaced or abolished from their hearts, as she continues to love them and be their mom for life.... Francesco N. Cece {view}