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Frank Nothaft

  • Low mortgage rates continue to fuel the housing market, making homeownership more attainable to a broader segment of families,... Frank Nothaft {view}
  • Our latest forecast expects a brisk housing industry through year-end. Single-family building is likely to remain strong this quarter, as evidenced by the pace of recent new-home sales,... Frank Nothaft {view}
  • Mortgage rates have fallen enough over the last few months that families who refinanced in 2001 are now able to do so again. Given the current low rates and the robust level of housing construction it appears the housing industry will continue to flourish well into the summer.... Frank Nothaft {view}
  • There's about $6 trillion in single-family mortgage debt outstanding, and total home value is about $13 trillion, which means there's about $7 trillion in home equity outstanding. Last year was a big year for liquefying home equity -- about $100 billion. That's a drop in the bucket compared to $7 trillion.... Frank Nothaft {view}