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Gary Williams

  • We were looking for a family boat. I was in construction with my father, and I began looking for a boat at some of the dealers after work. I was still dressed in my work clothes and when I walked into those places, I guess they didn't think I had any money to spend, so they ignored me.... Gary Williams {view}
  • Osteoporosis in men is extremely unrecognized. Too many fail to realize that 20 percent of osteoporosis cases in this country are men.... Gary Williams {view}
  • Chris' career was outstanding here at the University of Maryland. He has contributed a great deal to our success the last 31/2 years. I'm fully confident Chris will be successful in life.... Gary Williams {view}
  • At first a lot of the guys at the club were like, 'What do you want women to come out here and shoot for?'... Gary Williams {view}