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George A. Romero

  • We have two kids, so our family life is very sort of mundane... take the kids to school, ballet, baseball and all of that. I like to go see movies, travel... but I love being with the family... going to Disney or something like that.... George A. Romero {view}
  • I like having to use ingenuity... When I'm pitching ideas, I say hey guys, the real scary stuff doesn't need the big bucks... things that go bump in the night... you can scare someone without spending a lot of money.... George A. Romero {view}
  • The idea of living with terrorism - I've tried to make it more applicable to the concerns Americans are going through now.... George A. Romero {view}
  • We lived in the Bronx, didn't have a lot of dough and it was quiet until I went away to go to school. Cut the bonds and went crazy. Studied painting and design for three years at Carnegie Mellon and transferred to the drama department and decided that I WAS Orson Welles. I'd actually go around in a cape and do things like that.... George A. Romero {view}