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Gracia Burnham

  • Our family did what the Abu Sayyaf asked and we believed them,... Gracia Burnham {view}
  • On behalf of the family, we respectfully hope that [Abu Sayyaf leader] Khadaffy Janjalani would honor their agreement with us.... Gracia Burnham {view}
  • The family of Martin and Gracia are deeply saddened and disappointed to learn that the Abu Sayyaf has broadcast its intention to continue holding Martin and Gracia and Deborah Yap until additional demands are met,... Gracia Burnham {view}
  • During our ordeal, we were repeatedly lied to by the Abu Sayyaf and they are not men of honor. They should be treated as common criminals. We support all efforts of the government in bringing these men to justice,... Gracia Burnham {view}