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Jack Nicklaus

  • I love Augusta. Don't get me wrong. All I want is for Augusta to be Augusta, because it's such a great tournament. But when you take a golf course and limit the number of people that have the ability to win ... Their intention is not to do that. But they're doing that.... Jack Nicklaus {view}
  • Darkness? You're going to have to ask a higher power. I don't have the answer to that question.... Jack Nicklaus {view}
  • ['] 'Distance is of no issue anymore, ... 'The longer you make it, the more you make it a power game.... Jack Nicklaus {view}
  • Distance is no issue anymore. The longer you make it, the more you make it a power game. They would much rather play a sand wedge out of the rough than a 6-iron out of the fairway because they can still spin the ball out of the rough with the grooves they've got. It's a totally different game than I played.... Jack Nicklaus {view}
  • Today, the game is 90 percent power. And when it comes to rewarding power, Augusta National is right up there with St. Andrews.... Jack Nicklaus {view}