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James Mangold

  • [They had a beginning: the loss of Jack and his father's reproach. They had an end, with the love reconciled between June and John. But] the middle wasn't there, ... I was nibbling around the edges. The dynamism of their attraction, the struggle, was the middle of the story. The movie was dying here.... James Mangold {view}
  • I saw those songs they sang together as love scenes.... James Mangold {view}
  • The big thing that I wanted to do was touch on the very start of rock and roll, I loved this moment in rockabilly music. I loved the idea of people making music because they loved music and not because they saw the video or how to market themselves. A very big point for me in this movie is that John didn't arrive at Sun as the man in black. He didn't already know his marketing angle. He didn't have it worked out. He was just trying to be heard and however that would work or not work was fine, but he just needed to be heard. What was magic to me about that moment in time was that it was a moment before the term 'rock and roll star' existed.... James Mangold {view}