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Jared Bernstein

  • The private sector's just not generating enough jobs here, and I would love to see some of the policy-makers in [Washington] wake up and take notice.... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • With stagnant hourly wages, the only way for working families to get ahead is by working more hours, ... certainly not the path to improving living standards that we'd expect in an economy posting strong productivity gains.... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • When unemployment is that low, wages are growing broadly, and family incomes are rising. Wage-based demand growth keeps the economy growing at potential.... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • This isn't an administration that wakes up and says 'what can we do for the working class family today,'... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • The problem isn't simply that families are facing higher prices, particularly at the pump. It's also that they're facing lower wages. If wages were keeping pace with inflation, the pinch wouldn't be as hard.... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • The economy's doing fine, except if you figure in working families. We're posting great numbers in aggregate demand, yet the lousiest on record for wage growth.... Jared Bernstein {view}
  • It's unprecedented. There is a large and growing gap between how the economy is performing and the living standards of the people stoking the engine.... Jared Bernstein {view}