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Jim Haslett

  • The whole thing was a great cause and the NFL did a great job of raising money for the Gulf Coast.... Jim Haslett {view}
  • I think the NFL had all good intentions of raising money, and I thought they did a great job with the fundraiser. But I don't think it was fair what they did to this football team, having us travel to a hostile city and play in that type of environment to win a game.... Jim Haslett {view}
  • We weren't looking to get rid of him. It was a money issue at the time. We had three good (defensive) ends, so we were looking to trade him if we could get equal value. We thought Darren's value to this team was a lot.... Jim Haslett {view}
  • The phone rang, and my wife answered it. She said Scott was on the phone, and she kind of mumbled a (last) name. I said, 'Tell him I'm not home.... Jim Haslett {view}
  • (New Orleans) isn't a big city, but they love the Saints. It's the only place I've been to where they know the players, the scouts, the general manager, the (team) personnel.... Jim Haslett {view}
  • My wife gives me an update daily on what is going on. She is fixing the house up and getting people to come in and work. I guess it is kind of a mess back there.... Jim Haslett {view}