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Joe Maddon

  • Scott pitched brilliantly. I loved the way he pounded the strike zone. And I loved that he pitched to both sides of the plate.... Joe Maddon {view}
  • Absolutely love it. This place rocks. The Pit (his nickname for the Trop) rocks. We got to get it to rock when it's not the Yankees, not the Red Sox. Let's get it to rock when the Rangers are in town on a Monday and Tuesday and when everybody else is in town.... Joe Maddon {view}
  • We just want to see [Jackson] have a nice run of success. He did a great job here. We just have a couple things we want him to work on. We don't want him to be on the shuttle between here and Durham. We want him, once he's here, to stay here.... Joe Maddon {view}
  • I don't know how it will all fit together, but Damon Hollins is a winner. I love the way he plays. He makes a great impression and he brings great chemistry to the clubhouse.... Joe Maddon {view}