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Joe Torre

  • We didn't use the word love, but it was pretty warm. It was something more than cordial.... Joe Torre {view}
  • I love his personality. He just keeps grinding it. He knows how to compete. ... He never uses the 'I-don't-know-my-role' stuff as an excuse.... Joe Torre {view}
  • A lot of times I shake my head. I never in my wildest dreams and I'm sure George feels the same way could have envisioned my being here this long.... Joe Torre {view}
  • My wife notices more than I do. She sees me and then, all of a sudden, after a couple of months, 'Oh you look good,... Joe Torre {view}
  • I just don't want him to rush because of the nature of his surgery. He just seems like a likeable young man. There's a big up-side to him.... Joe Torre {view}
  • I don't really know the nature of it. The fact that he hit, that's a good sign for us. Hopefully it's just something that's connected with Spring Training.... Joe Torre {view}
  • I'm pleased. It just seems very natural for him.... Joe Torre {view}
  • I don't think we're off to a slow start. Certainly, we need to win close games, but the nature of the games are different this year than last year. Last year, we didn't play well, and it wasn't comfortable to watch.... Joe Torre {view}
  • They did the same thing with Dwight Gooden; they compared him to Bob Gibson. But it's only natural. When you see someone out there, it's natural to compare them to someone else. And you know that someone has to play after these guys go on and leave the game.... Joe Torre {view}
  • If you're a successful team you don't let things that are going on away from the field affect you. You do what you have to do, when you have to do it. At this point in the season, we're going start to start.... Joe Torre {view}
  • I don't care who you are. I don't care how much success you've had. New York is different than any place you've ever been.... Joe Torre {view}