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John Reid

  • Our purpose in Afghanistan is simple, that is to help the people and the government of Afghanistan to build their own democratic institutions and to take control of their own future.... John Reid {view}
  • I don't know who Mr Des Smith is. He doesn't speak with any authority for the Government at all.... John Reid {view}
  • What happened yesterday was that two of our service men were arrested by Iraqi police and under the law as it stands they should have been handed back to the military authorities,... John Reid {view}
  • We believe that there are elements of Iranian society - I put it no higher than that - who may well be associated with the attacks on British troops,... John Reid {view}
  • [According to a recent leaked memo marked] Secret: U.K. Eyes Only ... Given that the government has previously and firmly indicated that setting a date for possible withdrawal or drawing down could endanger our troops on the ground in Iraq, and given that this allegedly leaked memo speculates on possible dates for such action, the government should urgently clarify the situation to ensure that it is understood that our troops will remain in Iraq until our tasks there are completed.... John Reid {view}
  • My thoughts are with his family and friends.... John Reid {view}
  • It is with deep regret that I can confirm the death of two British soldiers, killed by a terrorist bomb as they carried out their duties in south-east Iraq this morning.... John Reid {view}
  • But we don't know whether the police, for instance under threat of their own death, handed two soldiers over or what was the degree of collusion,... John Reid {view}
  • This is about a threat of the nature that massacred thousands of people in New York.... John Reid {view}
  • This decision will be taken by the British government, at the request of the Iraqi democratically elected representatives,... John Reid {view}
  • There has not been a fundamental breakdown in trust between the British government and the Iraqi government,... John Reid {view}
  • All government departments will be smoke-free, ... All enclosed public places and workplaces ... will be smoke free. All restaurants will be smoke free. All pubs and bars preparing and serving food will be smoke free.... John Reid {view}
  • And the suggestion that any government would use that sort of subject and phenomenon for spin and public relations I thought was beneath contempt.... John Reid {view}