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John Taylor

  • Microsoft has recognized that owning a significant piece of real estate in the living room is key to them being a winner in digital entertainment, ... This is a strategic investment and part of a long-term plan for them.... John Taylor {view}
  • I love my wife, so I give that money to my wife. She gives it to the kids and the kids go out and waste it.... John Taylor {view}
  • We have an independent witness coming with us to observe us. What a gig that is. I'd love to have his job.... John Taylor {view}
  • I save 15 to 20 percent fuel money every week purely and simply by using a few simple tips.... John Taylor {view}
  • It's a small number, but it's not unusual for an entrepreneur who goes looking for money and is turned down to go back, retool their business plan and come back at them again. It's not as formidable as it sounds.... John Taylor {view}
  • I don't know why Gene feels that he's been somewhat overshadowed in the last few years. We think both men deserve credit. They're both towering figures in the history of consumer electronics.... John Taylor {view}