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Kim Petersen

  • This family has been waiting for 15 years for answers. It only takes one phone call.... Kim Petersen {view}
  • The family has waited nearly 15 years for answers. They've waited to find out why and who (did this). She did not deserve this.... Kim Petersen {view}
  • Just as Christmas Eve is a family time, Easter is also a time for families. We request that you would allow our family to have this weekend to deal with these recent developments together in private,... Kim Petersen {view}
  • The family is asking Scott to tell everything he knows and to fully cooperate with the Modesto Police Department. And if Scott has nothing to hide, they ask him to prove that.... Kim Petersen {view}
  • They've been living it for so many days and they appeal to have a heart, come forward and let them know where she is,... Kim Petersen {view}