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Lamon Brewster

    [So what's the secret to Simon's un-Homer like success?] Fun. Having fun at what you do and if you're working with talented people like I was with the Simpson's that helps a lot. Luck helps too. I thought we were going to do only thirteen episodes of the Simpsons and look what ended up happening. ... What I did right with Lamon was that I stuck with him through thick and thin. It took Lamon a long time for things to come together so he could be where he is right now. Of all the four champions he's the most talented. Lamon's a real world champion. He'll fight anyone anywhere. Soon enough people are finally going to realize that he's the true heavyweight champion of the world. He'll probably have to beat Vitali to achieve that status. I know he'll beat Vitali and only then will Lamon get the recognition he deserves.