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Lana Radovic

  • You don't own it if you owe it!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Some "humans" need to evolve into animals first as the highest form of their "saintship" if they aspire to sainthood but have never put much effort into becoming really human in the first place- my apologies to all wonderful animals that may feel degraded by being compared to the "humans" - animals, who still have much more humanity in them than the "humans".... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Never be so busy at being so good to fail to leave the heritage of integrity & good values for the generations to come. The good you do today has to survive the test of tomorrows to come! This is the responsibility of all, whether or not you want your children to have a bright future and a society that protects and fosters the values on which the happiness and prosperity of all depends!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Look as you walk and pass byPay attention to your heart's beatsA skip of emotion that's easy to get byThe eternity of moment that never cheats.... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Deep in your soul, on the edge of your heart A whole magical world wants to come aliveYou know there is nothing that keeps it apart...From you, from your desire to make it live!Open your eyes and let the lights through, Emerge from your dreams into the blue, Let all your feelings propel the voice:"All you ever wanted is your only choice"!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • While heaven's breathing spells, unshelter a rapturing cloud, laud sound of messanger's bells, will make you strong & proud. The ocean of future's will, overlooks redemption of past, comes back here to thrill, The cause of all meant to last. Walk on the road of truth, As Bliss is opening gates, to carefree roleplay of youth, to enchanted & magnificent days.... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Even when you accept unacceptable,When you search for irreplaceable,All the roads lead to the same ...To the core of your inner flame!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Let the feel and touch of yesterday's gloom ... sound laud and clear...as roses bloom and thorns are worn out in the future remnants and jade...the voice and murmur ...calm and bled...rests on your finger crossed across the gate...that has no key and has no door...yet you are its savor and luminescent code!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Move with the move, move the move, be the move and look back only if it moves you to move. ~Lana Radovic... Lana Radovic {view}
  • If you ever see a glass half empty - just pour the content out into a smaller glass until full! :)You either picked a wrong glass or overestimated the content! Make each drop count!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • ...Light and meek float of the days, Reflects the beauty of summery shift, ...Passage of sunny & vibrant rays, Swirling its joy in wanderous drift. Translucent poise and vibrant view, ...Alley of winds clearing the sight, Merging of senses, mystic and new, ..Blending of visions, warm and bright.... Lana Radovic {view}
  • *Dance your heart out... danceover rugged machines*over cynical over muddance when the tears cannot cry*& crying becomes only out of joy*when joy celebrates...all your pain*& thanks eternity for enriching your soul*& the only stone you carry on is the one you rock 'n roll!... Lana Radovic {view}
  • Workplace is a fair preview of what your marriage could look like. The culture of the company, dynamics and the treatment you get in many ways resembles your in-laws, their culture and the way they would treat you. So choose your "company" wisely!... Lana Radovic {view}