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Lonnie D. Hicks

  • There is no longer timethan time trappedbetween I love youand I love you not; no kisses sweeterthan thosewhich remain; unrelinquished.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • How sad.The Pasthappens so soonand is never reconvened.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • I have laid downwords and verbs, gerundsand verbal quests-language failsin our cathedral.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • Sad are the eyes that remindthe Other was the personwho loved best.Sad is the deadening spiritof unrequited love's extent.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • You and Iare the river; we flow, run deepdown to thatocean-mixin whichour soulsswirl.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • The satin sheets allowed us to use for sailsthe billowy white pillow caseswhere your hair splayedas if blown there by the wind;... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}
  • The Silver Stars settled in your eyes; the Moon in your hair; and Night became ours.... Lonnie D. Hicks {view}