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Lou Lamoriello

  • We've obviously had success with it and it's obvious the confidence the bench has in Marty.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • We have the people to put on the power play for us to have success. We're just not in sync as far as when we're making a pass and when we're taking a shot.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • We let them back in the game by losing our poise and putting them on the power play.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • We have to find a solution, no question, because (the power play) can't continue the way it is. We're playing with the puck too much and we're just not going to the net. It's as simple as that.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • I think that the personnel for the power play is there. We're relying on two people quite a bit on the point and we have to maybe do something about that.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • The teams took advantage of power plays both ways. We're getting chances and taking advantage of them on the power play. Nashville also has an excellent power play. This was just a case of who was going to take advantage of a break.... Lou Lamoriello {view}
  • He feels he's accomplished a lot of things and now wants to devote a lot of time to his family.... Lou Lamoriello {view}