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Lucian Mitchell Sr

  • I wasn't leaving. If you love animals like I love animals, you'd stick with it, too. We did what we had to do to save them.... Lucian Mitchell Sr {view}
  • It wasn't about being a hero or nothing like that. It was just the love of an animal, and I wasn't going to leave them at all. I own two horses of my own with my dad, and we can't find them---we're still kind of shook up about that.... Lucian Mitchell Sr {view}
  • We worked together the whole time. The whole crew works like a family. Mr. Sheldon made sure I had a home to stay in, and we're all in the house (Mitchell, his father, and Stewart in east Baton Rouge). We've just been sticking together like family. I hadn't heard from some of my family, then I did...everyone's OK now, and so I can rest.... Lucian Mitchell Sr {view}