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Mariah Carey

  • When you love someone so deeply they become your life, it's easy to succumb overwhelming fears inside. Blindly I imagined I could keep you under a glass. Now I understand to hold you I must open my hand and watch you rise.... Mariah Carey {view}
  • Thank you so much for the warmth and the love,... Mariah Carey {view}
  • Music is what I love and it's what I feel and it's in me and to know that I can do something that I enjoy and hopefully bring some enjoyment to other people through what I do is an incrediable felling and I am just really thankfull for it.... Mariah Carey {view}
  • I know I can be diva-ish sometimes, but I have to be in control. The nature of my life, the nature of what I do, is divadom, it really is.... Mariah Carey {view}