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Marie Wilson

  • My family [all of whom are hearing] really prefers video relay services over the text relay services,... Marie Wilson {view}
  • There is no real balance of work and family in America. You integrate work and family and do the best you can.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • More women should be running for higher office. This is just a straw poll, but it makes people think about putting a woman in the White House.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • Having several women receiving serious attention as presidential contenders is going to have an impact on the number of women who want to get involved at every level.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • We've been dedicated to changing the climate of American politics and opening up leadership for women at every level. We've chosen eight credible women who could be president in 2008.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • That whole issue of 'Can a woman be tough enough?' has plagued women candidates. That's starting to change. We've had experience with Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright as secretary of State. (Shuttle commander) Eileen Collins lands on Earth and looks like she just took a Ferris wheel ride. Those things change the perception of what women can do.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • Commander in Chief. So much of our perception of the ability of women to lead is shaped by what we see on films or television.... Marie Wilson {view}
  • I have a friend who lives in Minnesota, ... Through the videophone, I can see my friend as well as her baby. . . . Since I can verbalize, I call [the baby,] who is hearing, and she will look up and walk toward the [videophone] -- a wonderful experience, really.... Marie Wilson {view}