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Matt Hasselbeck

  • I love it. We're fired up about it. The linemen, they don't look good in the white on white.... Matt Hasselbeck {view}
  • You should have seen our locker room after that game. It was awesome. Grown men acting like kids.... Matt Hasselbeck {view}
  • I was happy to be in the NFL, living the dream. I'd get to play in the preseason when Brett would play a series or two and I got to play a quarter and a half and my whole family would come to town for the game. They never wanted tickets for the playoff games or the regular-season games, just the preseason games.... Matt Hasselbeck {view}
  • It was a dream come true. I remember being at that game. I remember when he blocked a kick in that game. It's probably one of my favorite memories of all time.... Matt Hasselbeck {view}