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Mike Martz

  • You try to take advantage of whatever your strengths are. We've retooled our offensive line, and I'd love to give that ball to Steven and pound it in there and pound it in there and take our shots downfield when we feel like it. That's fun football. That means we've got control of the game.... Mike Martz {view}
  • Why wouldn't I be? I love this place.... Mike Martz {view}
  • I don't know of any person who loved the Rams organization more than Jack did. There wasn't one thing that happened at Rams Park that didn't affect Jack emotionally. He was going to be there for me, for everyone with the Rams, through the good times and bad. Everyone's a pal when you win. But if we lost and I was feeling down, he understood. Because if something hurt me or the Rams, he would hurt, too.... Mike Martz {view}
  • He doesn't comment on how I coach, and it was what he saw. We just have to live with it and go with it.... Mike Martz {view}
  • Cam's a very good player. I'd love to have him back on this team. I know what he can do. He can make a lot of plays for us.... Mike Martz {view}