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Mike Piazza

  • I compare it to a new car, ... When you get a new car, the power windows go up quick - it's quicker and you get more response. And then when it gets older, little things start to break. Things fall off. Our bodies are machines. You have to be pragmatic. You have to be realistic.... Mike Piazza {view}
  • The biggest thing for me is to try to promote the game in Europe a little more. I love Europe. I love the history. I love the food. The worst thing that can happen is the game becomes more popular in Italy.... Mike Piazza {view}
  • I was very humbled by these fans. I just feel embraced. I just feel like part of the family.... Mike Piazza {view}
  • Never let your dreams go away.... Mike Piazza {view}
  • It's just not in my nature to get out of shape. As long as my body feels good enough to play and I can shake those bad days by getting a day off here and there, I'm going for it.... Mike Piazza {view}