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Mike Sherman

  • The doctors, and their conservative nature as it is, thought it was ill-advised to put him out there last week. I'm glad we didn't. I think the extra week definitely has helped him.... Mike Sherman {view}
  • I think one of the things that we love about Ahmad Carroll is his aggressiveness, his competitiveness, and his toughness - (but) it hurts him at times,... Mike Sherman {view}
  • We did some good things tonight with the first group. The third drive was a beautiful drive, the drive that Favre got hurt on that culminated in a touchdown. But we were three-and-out, three-and-out the first two times. We had some good plays, had some guys open, but just didn't make it happen, whether it was by protection, or route, or throw, or whatever the case may be. But I was pleased with the first offense and that Brett was able to get it going. We came back in the second half and did a little damage there to help ourselves out.... Mike Sherman {view}
  • Do you think I worry about that? Are you crazy? I worry about the approval rating of my family.... Mike Sherman {view}
  • Walt Williams has children down there with his mom and dad. Raynoch's whole family is down there, ... We have some kids from down there who are obviously concerned, and rightfully so. (But) there's not much they can do.... Mike Sherman {view}