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Monika Singh

  • Some Accidents In LIfe aRe seldom CatastropHIc. Of CourSe! I CouNT Myself As a Casualty.... but AcciDentAlly Luckily iT wAs You Who I CRAshed Upon And Now I reaLISe WhaT HeavEn ReallY lOOks LIke..... Monika Singh {view}
  • People Say....Distant reALtion dies no-sooner... I Say!! it's such a Shame to think so..... Distance's Supposed to keep the value of love not kill.... Monika Singh {view}
  • WOndER Why HeARt BeAtS YoU HArd InSide THe ChEst.... But Still RemAIns Painless... Nd As sOOn As It StopS BeaTIng A ShArp pAin HIts You Dead.... Isnt It SuppOSed TO bE thE OppoSite Way??? NAture really cOnfUSes ME!!!... Monika Singh {view}
  • Love is A BeaUtifUl DiSaSter! You "FAll" iN LOve Wid NO bONEs BRoKEn. You BecoME "BliND" in loVe coz yoU StaRt TrustIng Your Lyf WiDout WantinG to See AnythiNg. You BEcome "BReathless" but Wish Never To Die SiNce, life With him startS To Feel Shorter and You bEcoMe "AddiCt" iN love AnD HIs Heart Would bE Yours Only Rehab.So luv hurts beautifully.... Monika Singh {view}
  • If you hate ThOusand Ppl And If Thousand ppl hate You! Who iS luCky? ThouSand ppl U hate or urSelf being hated By ThouSaNd??... Monika Singh {view}