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Orrin Hatch

  • It's easy to see that our whole society is the richer for it, ... But clearly, success cannot be measured overnight, and not even in a single decade. It will take the continued commitment of future presidents, effort and patience by individuals with disabilities and a positive attitude by all citizens to erase the taint of discrimination.... Orrin Hatch {view}
  • we ensure that the boy's father's true wishes are followed, even if that requires bringing his entire family here temporarily.... Orrin Hatch {view}
  • I come to this issue with a strong pro-life, pro-family record. But I also strongly believe that a critical part of being pro-life is to support measures that help the living,... Orrin Hatch {view}
  • Regenerative medicine is pro-life and pro-family. It enhances, it does not diminish human life. ... If encouraged to flourish, it can improve the life of millions of Americans and could lead to new scientific frontiers not now in sight. So I urge my colleagues in the Senate and the American public to support this bill that opposes human cloning but promotes regenerative medicine using nuclear transplantation.... Orrin Hatch {view}
  • Where they make phone calls and whether the president raises money or not is one thing. The way they've done it seems to be unethical, illegal, (and) in poor taste, ... Were foreign influences trying to influence the election?... Orrin Hatch {view}
  • We think that this money should be given in tax relief to the American people, not spent by those know-it-alls back in Washington.... Orrin Hatch {view}