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Pete Carroll

  • I don't even know how powerful it is. But to go through these struggles, we're becoming really strong.... Pete Carroll {view}
  • Family is family. That means we open the doors to them. I think our players are comfortable with people at practice. We try to do a real nice job of screening. I'm not paranoid about it. However, we're going to do everything we can to try and not let the wrong people watch.... Pete Carroll {view}
  • It's in keeping with the family aspect of our program. You just don't do it when it's convenient. Family is always family.... Pete Carroll {view}
  • It?s kids, it?s family, it?s football . . . it?s just fun.... Pete Carroll {view}
  • They did a beautiful job, ... We did a really nice job with the offense and I'm real pleased with the opening.... Pete Carroll {view}
  • Is it human nature that we're going to be complacent? I don't see that in any way, ... As a staff, we've worked harder and longer and recruited more than ever before. Probably the opposite of what you think has happened we're more driven then ever.... Pete Carroll {view}