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Rachel-erika Henderson

  • If you treat me unkindly a little bit of me will love you less and less everyday... Then one day I will wake up and I will no longer love you anymore... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • Today is a beautiful day in the chain of life, tomorrow there may be a new song on the radio, a new programme on the telly, a new scent, a new taste, a new sight, or new person may come into your life. Today is tomorrows dream, it shall soon become a memory. So embrace todays every hour....... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • To someone you will always be the best friend in the worldTo someone you will always bethe brightest person they knowTo someone you will always be...The first person they want to callTo someone you will always bethe right person for the joband to someone you will always be the most beautiful girl in the room... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • I love to dream, I love to daydream (We dream almost as much as we live) So maybe I am living the dream or dreaming I am living...Either way maybe my beautiful antique apartment in Paris is actually reality...... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • I am awake for as much time as i dream/daydreamso who's not to sayLiving is a dreamandDreaming is living???I can be anything I've ever dreamed...... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • We seem to use different parts of our brain which are heightened by our surroundings and senses. These parts of our brain are used at different times and it seems we are unable to open one, without closing another. If we could perform this and open every dimension our brain for just an instant I think we would be intrigued by our own power and spiritual influences...... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • I am buried alive in LoveA tremendous hurtful desireThere is dirt on my faceThe hills are filled with fireIf my life were all aloneNot one soul did I greetMy own soul and heartWould never ever meetBut this is a burdenThis love I carry insideIt brings hurt along with loveI take this in my strideWhen we are seperated in lifeWill we strike an eternal bondThis love shared in our lifetimeWill be continued far beyond... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • When we die we remain alive forever... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}
  • When death takes the soul from youth,their youth becomes eternal to the living... Rachel-erika Henderson {view}