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Richard Holbrooke

  • [Asked on] Larry King Live ... I think that's a good idea, Larry. I know that your program is watched carefully in Belgrade, probably the most watched program available to the leadership in Belgrade, and I hope they hear your suggestion and respond positively to it.... Richard Holbrooke {view}
  • Assuming his death was of natural causes, justice has been served in its own particular way. He was a terrible man, a war criminal who started four wars.... Richard Holbrooke {view}
  • People give money all the time, and I commend them for it, but you have to go a long way to find a gift that meant as much difference as this one.... Richard Holbrooke {view}
  • As highly successful and secure Americans, they could have lived a comfortable life surrounded by their family and their many friends,... Richard Holbrooke {view}
  • The British Ambassador is coming this morning with us to Pristina for talks, representing his own government and, by extension, the whole Contact Group.... Richard Holbrooke {view}
  • there is no change in (the American) position in the sense there is a clear disagreement between the Russian government and NATO. But that does not mean we cannot still continue close contacts.... Richard Holbrooke {view}