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Rick and Susann Crawford

  • Looking To Your Past With One Eye And Looking To Your Future With The Other Eye Will Make You Crossed Eyed. STAY FOCUSED On Your FUTURE And You Will See Great Things!... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}
  • Dont Change so people will like You. Be Yourself... The Best You... And The Right People Will Love The Real You...... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}
  • Don't let anyone's negativity, drama, ignorance or disbelief stop you from what you want, that is just like letting them live rent free in your head.... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}
  • You have to help yourself first! Limiting beliefs lead to limiting lives!... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}
  • We are not supposed to live just for others to make us happy- we are to figure out what we can do for and in the service of others- making their lives better. Most problems come from passivity- not maintaining what others (or we) have already gained! Everybody has the same opportunity- BUT you must be willing to do "the thing" to take advantage of the opportunity.... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}
  • The Problem With Most People In Their Lives Is That They Focus On What They Don't Have And What Is Happening To Them Instead Of What They Want And Dream About.... Rick and Susann Crawford {view}