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Roger Clemens

  • We were like two tired old men walking out of the tunnel, and then we were like two kids having a good time. We were holding each other up.... Roger Clemens {view}
  • I asked her if she was in the fields, and she said I think I am, ... She just loves the game of baseball.... Roger Clemens {view}
  • I love this, this is why you get off the couch to play this game. I've been fortunate to have played in a lot of big games, but it's still exciting.... Roger Clemens {view}
  • I listen to my sisters who are living in Georgetown with her. They said this is different. So I've been traveling back and forth and I thought at one point she would be able to battle back a little bit, but this one wasn't looking good. I went back up there (Tuesday), spent the evening with her and most of this morning. I feel very blessed that she's at peace now because the last 10 years was hard on her and the last two to three days were grueling. But she was very tough to the end.... Roger Clemens {view}
  • [And what about his competitive spirit? Will it ever be quite the same since the death of his 75-year-old mother, Bess, in September?] She was my strength. She's always been my will. She was really my father and my mother, ... She was always my first phone call.... Roger Clemens {view}