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Roxana Jones

  • The only way to achieve happiness is by feeling good, not by working hard!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Feel the love of that happy space you carry within wherever you go: HOME!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • How is it that one must live? Fully! How is it that one must love? Deeply!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Question now and again the old habits and replace them with new beliefs that help you on your path... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Have you ever realized the infinite nature of love? Lets give it away! It is unlimited!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Trust yourself and therefore others. No need of suspicion, trust and youll live a world of peace.... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Even if you havent met someone elses expectations, youre way beyond your own hearts... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Dont you see there is only one thing surrounding you?It is called ABUNDANCE!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Learn how to speak in Love! Your heart will teach you the only language we can all understand!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Be still! In the silence of the heart,One learns the journey of the wise... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Change is the only permanent thing in life... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Tonight: Be grateful for all that you have lived today and start dreaming your new YOU!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Possible or impossible? Believe that you can do anything and you will!... Roxana Jones {view}
  • Love with passion what you doSuccess is the natural result of that love!... Roxana Jones {view}