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Shane Pendley

  • It is too easy to make commentary on my life from your luxury box.... Shane Pendley {view}
  • I know that sometimes it seems that words are cheap and actions meaningless but my heart is in it.... Shane Pendley {view}
  • It's a shame you left love to look for it.... Shane Pendley {view}
  • When you've been burned your always going to have your hand on the pull cord...the right one makes you forget you have the parachute on.... Shane Pendley {view}
  • There never seems to be a sign. Caution, yield, stop death is nigh. How many woke that portentous day knowing it would end in the grave. We must all realize that the breath we take could finalize our living days. All should live as if the end is an expected welcomed friend.... Shane Pendley {view}