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Stephon Marbury

  • The way I feel, in order to love, you've got to leave yourself completely vulnerable. I don't judge anyone because I'm always being judged, so I allow the book to be open.... Stephon Marbury {view}
  • I would love for that to happen, but his health is way more important than everything else that's going on. I think when he gets better, that's when he could come back.... Stephon Marbury {view}
  • I want to play basketball in New York. I love New York and I believe New York loves me. I'm just going to continue to do what this man asking me to do.... Stephon Marbury {view}
  • I watched the 'Dream Team' and I can remember as far back as when (Drazen) Petrovic played (in 1988), so to be an Olympian feels like I achieved a life-long accomplishment.... Stephon Marbury {view}