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Steve Alford

  • I'm flattered with the interest and the recognition of the outstanding season we had this year. With that success, comes attention and speculation I cannot control. I have not scheduled any interviews with any other institutions.... Steve Alford {view}
  • I think the majority of the players who leave early aren't successful. You have more failure stories than success stories with that, but that's the nature of our game right now.... Steve Alford {view}
  • Our entire family watched it. I enjoyed it very much.... Steve Alford {view}
  • I'm the head coach at Iowa. My family and I love the Iowa program and the community. We had a record-setting season with a second Big Ten Tournament championship, and I look forward to continued success with this program.... Steve Alford {view}
  • I think there are some things that you feel personally, from a family standpoint, that when it hits the public it runs a whole different avenue. And it gets out there in ways that shouldn't even be out there. I'd just as soon keep the whole thing personal.... Steve Alford {view}
  • I'm just glad we're not playing in the Family Friends Arena, or whatever that thing is called.... Steve Alford {view}