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Steve Berman

  • They are not tobacco companies. They are drug pharmaceutical companies, and they have lied ... about their true nature for years.... Steve Berman {view}
  • It's a family photo, nothing more than that, and it gets up on the wall, and it's a gem, a little piece of art.... Steve Berman {view}
  • We all know what happened to oil prices this quarter. Why wouldn't they make a lot of money?... Steve Berman {view}
  • I think we'll see a major change in the amount of money being used on anti-tobacco measures. They lied about everything. At key points in time, when the U.S. government or states tried to legislate them, the tobacco companies used their lies to stall regulation, to stall warnings.... Steve Berman {view}
  • Photography as art has made lots of inroads to the home. People are now more willing to spend the money for photography for the home.... Steve Berman {view}